About Super Goldfish

“SuperGoldfish” uses his superpowers when peace is disturbed and Tiger Barb attacks the glass castle, guppies, and goldfish in their tank.

As the story unfolds, not only does Tiger Barb threaten with big teeth, he shoots out stinky bubbles that, like mean words, stick to others. Yet after Supergoldfish defeats him, he makes Tiger Barb a friend–Tiger Barb’s first.

Now in hardcover!

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I’ve chosen to donate $2.00 from each hard bound sale to NRDC. I hope you’ll take a moment to take action at www.nrdc.org/action/ to protect imperiled wildlands and consider supporting them as well.

Jacquie Faber is not affiliated in any manner with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC.org) or any of its programs, projects or websites.

Kind Words

“This book became our child’s favorite. In a world of super heroes coming out of Hollywood, it is refreshing to read this story of SuperGoldfish and the restoration of peace and calm in the fish bowl community. It is beautifully illustrated.”


Ron Snow


For Educators and Guardians

School provides many challenges to young children and one such challenge is understanding bullies. This book provides an excellent learning tool to discuss bullying with children in a way that positions them to better cope with bullies, while exploring non violent approaches to deal with the issue. “SuperGoldfish” stands up for the other fish in their tank against mean Tiger Barb. He uses his superpowers—which turn out to be what everyone has— to win over the troubled Tiger Barb, and in the end, helps Tiger Barb become a friend of the fish community.

At the 4–8-year-old level the child can understand how to deal with bullies. In this case, even bullies need love. Most importantly, students learn that hatred is not the way to face evil.

The information pages at the end of the book provide additional learning opportunities for the child. Fun ‘Fish Facts’ for aquariums and oceans help the child learn about different environments for fish and explains why some fish require different water temperatures and environments. These pages are meant as a starting point to inspire the child to learn more about fish and the other creatures that live in our water ways and oceans.