About Super Goldfish

SuperGoldfish uses his superpowers when peace is disturbed and Tiger Barb attacks the glass castle, guppies, and goldfish in their tank.

As the story unfolds, not only does Tiger Barb threaten with big teeth, he shoots out stinky bubbles that, like mean words, stick to others. Yet after Supergoldfish defeats him, he makes Tiger Barb a friend–Tiger Barb’s first.

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I’ve chosen to donate $2.00 from each hard bound sale to NRDC. I hope you’ll take a moment to take action at www.nrdc.org/action/ to protect imperiled wildlands and consider supporting them as well.

Jacquie Faber is not affiliated in any manner with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC.org) or any of its programs, projects or websites.

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Kind Words

“This book became our child’s favorite. In a world of super heroes coming out of Hollywood, it is refreshing to read this story of Super Gold Fish and the restoration of peace and calm in the fish bowl community. It is beautifully illustrated.”


Ron Snow

“When I first saw the magical, colorful illustrations in Desiree’s Night Flight, I thought: What a gorgeous picture book. But then I started to read the text and found it to be an inspiring hero’s journey. In a butterfly’s point of view, it is a tale of following one’s dream, of overcoming adversity, and ultimately believing in oneself.

I plan to give this wonderful book to a young friend. In addition to providing lessons and inspiration, I find it to be an excellent teaching tool. It provides motivation for learning more about our endangered Monarch butterflies.

Though I’ve purchased the paperback [from Amazon], I also ordered the hardbound version, have to say, found it even better, the colors more vibrant and the addition of five interactive pages. One page details the metamorphosis of a Monarch–from egg to adult butterfly. Another page details how to design, plant, and care for an organic butterfly garden. There are also illustrations that show how to draw a butterfly and one to color in.

I highly recommend this amazing book.”

Melinda Haldeman