Jacquie Faber Presents


Read By The Author

April 28th, 3pm PST

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“Children and adults alike face times when courage and acceptance are needed to navigate unwanted change. Jacqueline Faber’s tender story creates an easily understandable roadmap for young readers when facing the loss of the familiar.”


-Grace W. Rogers PhD

A live, story-telling event.

As a parent, I know it’s been difficult to balance work and family life. Children are getting restless and parents are at their wit’s end! This is my way of sharing a little light in a darker time.

Join us for a live reading of the story, “SuperGoldfish” written and read by Jacquie Faber.

This event will be conducted via zoom. Jacquie will be reading her own picture books and many classics. At the end of each reading, there will be a short activity.

Meet the author

Jacquie Faber

Jacqueline’s speciality is writing creative books for kids that encourage their curiosity and spirituality.

Her books are perfect for Grandparents who love good stories, and want to teach their “grands” subtle spiritual ideas.

Jacquie Faber spent her life getting to know children as an elementary school teacher in Marin country for thirty-seven years. She spent twenty-six years teaching third grade and specializing in Project Based Learning. She spent this time empowering students to pursue their own interests and explorations.


A Purrfect Home for Kitters

Peace is disturbed when Tiger Barb attacks the glass castle, guppies, and goldfish in the tank. SuperGoldfish faces bullying Tiger Barb and uses his inner superpowers to defeat him and in the end, something surprising occurs!

“I love this book! I’m so glad I bought one for myself and four more for friends who have grandchildren. Not only is A Purrfect Home for Kitters a touching story about surviving loss and learning to adapt to change, it is often hilarious. The text is in the cat’s voice, which makes it fun to read and gives readers the ability to be in the animal’s viewpoint.The illustrations are gorgeous, vivid, colorful and capture the emotions purrfectly! If that weren’t enough, at the end of the book are pages of interesting feline facts. I highly recommend this wonderful book.”

-Melinda Haldeman

“What a delightful, warm-hearted story! With all our hundreds of videos and picture books about our best furry friends—this one is told from the cat’s point of view. And for all the good, purrfect things—tuna to eat, carpets to zoom around on—it’s the people “Kitters” loves the most. The pictures too are unforgettable, like those you remember from your own early years. This is one to enjoy, and pass on down to your family’s youngsters. “

-Jerry Lane

Other Titles by Jacquie

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