About Lucy Riggs and her pig Pinky

What can Lucy Riggs do? She loves her pig Pinky, yet Pinky loves eating all her garden flowers. Pinky loves the sweetness of each and every flower, be it a rose, petunia, buttercup, or pansy. How can Lucy outwit Pinky who is an escape artist!

Kind Words

If dessert for dinner is your ideal of DELICIOUS, munch along with mischievous Pinky as he plucks the sweetest petunias. A cast of farm animals tries to stop him but are not match for a pig who stops to smell the roses, then eats them with gusto. This yummy book is a bouquet of fun for the whole family.”

-Angie Alban, Author of “The Happiness Tree” and “Anya’s War.”

Anjali Andrea Alban

Underneath every child’s loving wish to please lurks a “Pinky” seeking independence. Jacqueline Faber’s charming tale, “Lucy Rigg’s Naught Pig,” compassionately provides a comforting voice for this bewildering bind.”

-Grace Rogers, Ph.D., Author “Peace Umbrella,” 26th edition

Catamaran Literary Journal, Fall 2019.

Grace W Rogers Ph.D.


For Educators and Guardians

Lucy Riggs and author Jacquie Faber

“Lucy Rigg’s Naughty Pig” is a humorous tale of a pig’s penchant for flowers.

When Pinky Pig hears Lucy Rigg’s flowers sing to the bees about how sweet they are, he can’t stop eating them! Obsessed—a cast of farm animals tries to stop Pinky, but are no match for a pig who stops to smell the roses, then eats them. Though Lucy turns the table on her little porker, Pinky fools her in the end!

An excerpt from the book reads:

“Pinky! Pinky! Pinky! Where are you, little buddy?” That’s Lucy, my best friend. We live on her farm.

Today, an amazing thing happened. Now I can hear the flowers singing to the buzzing bees, and ME!”

This book appeals to young children. It’s humorous, full of wordplay, alliteration, and a piece of embedded wisdom. When asked what Jacquie wants readers to take away from the book, she answers, “I want kids to laugh and consider—maybe, too much of a good thing is just too much! Also, children, and their adults, can laugh about a “Pinky promise,” holding up their baby fingers in jest—saying Pinky promise.

The book’s illustrator, N.D. Engleson, has again captured the wonderful characters Jacquie has created and brings them to life in vivid color.  The illustrations and prose work wonderfully together to weave a fun story for all.