SuperGoldfish uses his superpowers when peace is disturbed and Tiger Barb attacks the glass castle, guppies, and goldfish in their tank

My Childs Favorite

This book became our child’s favorite. In a world of super heroes coming out of Hollywood, it is refreshing to read this story of Super Gold Fish and the restoration of peace and calm in the fish bowl community. It is beautifully illustrated.

We are looking forward to getting the other books Jacquie has written for children.

R.Snow, California

A Purrfect Home for Kitters

A Wonderful Book

Jacqueline H. Faber

“Children and adults alike face times when courage and acceptance are needed to navigate unwanted change. Jacqueline Faber’s tender story creates an easily understandable roadmap for young readers when facing the loss of the familiar.”

Grace W. Rogers PhD

About A Purrfect Home for Kitters

A Purrfect Home for Kitters is the cat’s meow! This tender story of a kitty and her best friend will touch the heart (and the funny bone) of every pet lover. Romp with Kitters in her quest to find the purrfect, happy home.

Children and adults alike face times when courage and acceptance are needed to navigate unwanted change. Jacqueline Faber’s tender story creates an easily understandable roadmap for young readers when facing the loss of the familiar.

Available as a beautiful and long lasting Hardcover book!

Available on this website AND on Amazon

Now in Hardcover!

Available on this website AND on Amazon

I’ve chosen to donate $2.00 from each hard bound sale to NRDC. I hope you’ll take a moment to take action at to protect imperiled wildlands and consider supporting them as well.


Jacquie Faber is not affiliated in any manner with the Natural Resources Defense Council ( or any of its programs, projects or websites.

Kind Words

“Desiree’s Night Flight is an enlightening read for both spiritual seekers and lovers of children’s literature. This magical story takes readers on a journey from doubt to belief in our hopes and dreams. Jacquie Faber has created, with her lyrical text, a timeless dance – from shadow to light. Truly inspiring!”

Anjali Andrea Alban

“I love this book! I’m so glad I bought one for myself and four more for friends who have grandchildren. Not only is A Purrfect Home for Kitters a touching story about surviving loss and learning to adapt to change, it is often hilarious. The text is in the cat’s voice, which makes it fun to read and gives readers the ability to be in the animal’s viewpoint.The illustrations are gorgeous, vivid, colorful and capture the emotions purrfectly! If that weren’t enough, at the end of the book are pages of interesting feline facts. I highly recommend this wonderful book.”

-Melinda Haldeman

“What a delightful, warm-hearted story! With all our hundreds of videos and picture books about our best furry friends—this one is told from the cat’s point of view. And for all the good, purrfect things—tuna to eat, carpets to zoom around on—it’s the people “Kitters” loves the most. The pictures too are unforgettable, like those you remember from your own early years. This is one to enjoy, and pass on down to your family’s youngsters. “

-Jerry Lane

“When Desiree follows her dream into the unfamiliar she learns that love, trust and belief in herself can all work together. She discovers an inner light all living things share and can then draw on strengths she didn’t know she had. Ms. Faber’s beautiful tale delivers this powerful message with great charm.”

Grace W Rogers Ph.D.

“This is a great picture book and story because it illustrates both the wonders and the risks of following ones spirit of adventure. The wonders are in finding a different kind of folks—here, butterflies and moths—spending a time dancing with them, and making a dear friend. When a risk happens—our butterfly heroine gets seriously netted—her new friend helps her avoid panic and get loose, and then stays with her until she gets safely home. Adventure, discovery, dancing in the moonlight, making new friends, keeping ones head in the face of danger, escape, and getting back home safe and sound: this story has it all. The additional facts about butterflies, and the lessons on drawing them, are further studies in the wonders too of nature. I highly recommend this picture book.”

Jerry Lane

“When I first saw the magical, colorful illustrations in Desiree’s Night Flight, I thought: What a gorgeous picture book. But then I started to read the text and found it to be an inspiring hero’s journey. In a butterfly’s point of view, it is a tale of following one’s dream, of overcoming adversity, and ultimately believing in oneself.

I plan to give this wonderful book to a young friend. In addition to providing lessons and inspiration, I find it to be an excellent teaching tool. It provides motivation for learning more about our endangered Monarch butterflies.

Though I’ve purchased the paperback [from Amazon], I also ordered the hardbound version, have to say, found it even better, the colors more vibrant and the addition of five interactive pages. One page details the metamorphosis of a Monarch–from egg to adult butterfly. Another page details how to design, plant, and care for an organic butterfly garden. There are also illustrations that show how to draw a butterfly and one to color in.

I highly recommend this amazing book.”

Melinda Haldeman



The Author

Jacquie Faber is an award-winning retired elementary teacher in Marin County, California. As a teacher of 37 years, she saw how picture books impacted the lives of the children she taught. They helped them understand themselves, their world, and their own emotional issues. They inspired Jacquie to take picture book classes at the Book Passage in Corte Madera, and write her own. She is a member of the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators, The Storybook Academy, Judy Hedlund’s “12X12,” and The Bay Area Independent Publishing Association.

Jacquie writes picture books for children that joyfully inspire them to appreciate and value the world around them and explore their inner lives. Reading and seeing her illustrations is like going on a treasure hunt! And there’s always interesting scientific notes after the stories—backmatter.

In her own classrooms she taught “Mistakes are opportunities to learn,” and “Follow your bliss.” Jacquie has a lifetime credential in Elementary Education and taught the Gifted Writing Program for the Ross Valley School District in San Anselmo, California.