About Desiree

Desiree has a problem: she’s a butterfly, and she wishes to fly at night. She wants to follow her dreams and dance in the dark. But her mother and father have told her that only bats, owls, and moths fly at night.

Should she risk following her dreams and face the unfamiliar? Or should she be like the other monarchs that only fly during the day?

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Kind Words

“Desiree’s Night Flight is an enlightening read for both spiritual seekers and lovers of children’s literature. This magical story takes readers on a journey from doubt to belief in our hopes and dreams. Jacquie Faber has created, with her lyrical text, a timeless dance – from shadow to light. Truly inspiring!”

Anjali Andrea Alban

“When Desiree follows her dream into the unfamiliar she learns that love, trust and belief in herself can all work together. She discovers an inner light all living things share and can then draw on strengths she didn’t know she had. Ms. Faber’s beautiful tale delivers this powerful message with great charm.”

Grace W Rogers Ph.D.

“This is a great picture book and story because it illustrates both the wonders and the risks of following ones spirit of adventure. The wonders are in finding a different kind of folks—here, butterflies and moths—spending a time dancing with them, and making a dear friend. When a risk happens—our butterfly heroine gets seriously netted—her new friend helps her avoid panic and get loose, and then stays with her until she gets safely home. Adventure, discovery, dancing in the moonlight, making new friends, keeping ones head in the face of danger, escape, and getting back home safe and sound: this story has it all. The additional facts about butterflies, and the lessons on drawing them, are further studies in the wonders too of nature. I highly recommend this picture book.”

Jerry Lane

“When I first saw the magical, colorful illustrations in Desiree’s Night Flight, I thought: What a gorgeous picture book. But then I started to read the text and found it to be an inspiring hero’s journey. In a butterfly’s point of view, it is a tale of following one’s dream, of overcoming adversity, and ultimately believing in oneself.

I plan to give this wonderful book to a young friend. In addition to providing lessons and inspiration, I find it to be an excellent teaching tool. It provides motivation for learning more about our endangered Monarch butterflies.

Though I’ve purchased the paperback [from Amazon], I also ordered the hardbound version, have to say, found it even better, the colors more vibrant and the addition of five interactive pages. One page details the metamorphosis of a Monarch–from egg to adult butterfly. Another page details how to design, plant, and care for an organic butterfly garden. There are also illustrations that show how to draw a butterfly and one to color in.

I highly recommend this amazing book.”

Melinda Haldeman


For Educators and Guardians

“Desiree’s Night Flight” inspires a child to recognize and listen to their inner spiritual wisdom. When Desiree, a butterfly, wants to fly and dance at night, Mother and Father tell her, “Only bats, owls, and moths fly at night.” Desiree chooses her “Hero’s Journey” and discovers her own path. She listens to her still small voice within to get free. At the 4- 8-year level, children will enjoy her great adventure, meet her new-found night dwelling friends—the moths—and learn what to do in a difficult situation—trust their inner voice.

The interactive and information back-matter pages at the end of the book provides additional teaching opportunities to engage the child. These back pages shows butterfly metamorphosis and how to draw a butterfly on a flower. Details on which plants belong in a butterfly garden are included. There’s also is a coloring page for the child to color their own butterfly.

This book is a wonderful learning aid for empowering children to move past doubt and learn to build trust in their own hopes and dreams. It strengthens a child’s interest in exploring new approaches and interests that life can provide.