A book, too, can be a star, a living fire to lighten the darkness, leading out into the expanding universe

– Madeleine l’Engle

A humorous tale of a pig’s penchant for flowers

Dive into a world where flowers sing and mischief is afoot in “Lucy Rigg’s Naughty Pig.” Jacqueline Faber’s witty storytelling, alongside N.D. Engleson’s vibrant art, brings you a farmyard tale like no other.

Meet Pinky Pig, lured by the melody of flowers and the buzz of bees. He’s not your ordinary pig—he’s on a petal-munching spree! The farm animals team up to stop him, but Pinky’s passion for petals is unbeatable. Lucy Rigg’s, his clever owner, is ready to outwit the mischievious pig. She does for awhile!

Laughs, suprises, and a twist await in this charming escapade. Can Lucy tame Pinky’s flowery feasty or will the piggy prove too clever? Join Pinky on a hilarious romp that proves even the naughtiest piggies can surprise you!

This most recent book from author Jacquie Faber is a fun read for grandkids and it is so wonderfully illustrated. Kids love the trouble Pinky gets into and they are happy to see Lucy’s creative solution.

R. G. Snow

SuperGoldfish uses his superpowers when peace is disturbed and Tiger Barb attacks the glass castle, guppies, and goldfish in their tank

An enjoyable and character building story

At the beginning of the story, we are introduced to a happy fish realm, where SuperGoldfish is the benevolent protector of the fish families. His strength is tested when the villainous Tiger Barb charges The Castle, insisting it belongs to him. SuperGoldfish rises to the occasion, standing his ground with determination. Children will laugh as the ridiculous bully Tiger Barb propels his offensive, smelly “bonk bubbles” at the other fish.

The book’s illustrator, N.D. Engleson, has captured the many emotions of the fish characters and brings them to life in vivid color. Jacqueline Faber, weaves a touching story with delightful prose and rhyming that always pleases young readers.

“This book became our child’s favorite. In a world of super heroes coming out of Hollywood, it is refreshing to read this story of SuperGoldfish and the restoration of peace and calm in the fish bowl community. It is beautifully illustrated.”

We are looking forward to getting the other books Jacquie has written for children.

R.Snow, California

SuperGoldfish is a book that will resonate with both children and adults. I have given the book to friends and their children, who have loved it.  It is a story for this moment in time, a story about community, forgiveness, peace-making. Themes that resonate with readers and are so needed in today’s world.

SuperGoldfish works his magic and uses his superpowers without any violence to reach a peaceful resolution. This is the moment he becomes a superhero. The story brings together adversaries to resolve their differences and ultimately become friends.

Melinda H., San Diego

A Purrfect Home for Kitters is the cat’s meow! This tender story of a kitty and her best friend will touch the heart (and the funny bone) of every pet lover. Romp with Kitters in her quest to find the purrfect, happy home.

Children and adults alike face times when courage and acceptance are needed to navigate unwanted change. Jacqueline Faber’s tender story creates an easily understandable roadmap for young readers when facing the loss of the familiar.

“What a delightful, warm-hearted story! With all our hundreds of videos and picture books about our best furry friends—this one is told from the cat’s point of view. And for all the good, purrfect things—tuna to eat, carpets to zoom around on—it’s the people “Kitters” loves the most. The pictures too are unforgettable, like those you remember from your own early years. This is one to enjoy, and pass on down to your family’s youngsters. “

Jerry Lane

“I love this book! I’m so glad I bought one for myself and four more for friends who have grandchildren. Not only is A Purrfect Home for Kitters a touching story about surviving loss and learning to adapt to change, it is often hilarious. The text is in the cat’s voice, which makes it fun to read and gives readers the ability to be in the animal’s viewpoint.The illustrations are gorgeous, vivid, colorful and capture the emotions purrfectly! If that weren’t enough, at the end of the book are pages of interesting feline facts. I highly recommend this wonderful book.”

Melinda H., San Diego

The author has chosen to donate $2.00 from each hard bound sale to NRDC.  She encourages you to take a moment to take action at www.nrdc.org/action/ to protect imperiled wildlands and consider supporting them as well.

Jacquie Faber is not affiliated in any manner with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC.org) or any of its programs, projects or websites.

Desiree has a problem: shes a butterfly, and she wants to fly at night. She wants to follow her dreams and dance in the dark. But her mother and father have told her that only bats, owls, and moths fly at night.

Should she risk following her dreams and face the unfamiliar? Or should she be like the other monarchs that only fly during the day?

“Desiree’s Night Flight is an enlightening read for both spiritual seekers and lovers of children’s literature. This magical story takes readers on a journey from doubt to belief in our hopes and dreams. Jacquie Faber has created, with her lyrical text, a timeless dance – from shadow to light. Truly inspiring!”

Anjali Andrea Alban

“This is a great picture book and story because it illustrates both the wonders and the risks of following ones spirit of adventure. The wonders are in finding a different kind of folks—here, butterflies and moths—spending a time dancing with them, and making a dear friend. When a risk happens—our butterfly heroine gets seriously netted—her new friend helps her avoid panic and get loose, and then stays with her until she gets safely home. Adventure, discovery, dancing in the moonlight, making new friends, keeping ones head in the face of danger, escape, and getting back home safe and sound: this story has it all. The additional facts about butterflies, and the lessons on drawing them, are further studies in the wonders too of nature. I highly recommend this picture book.”

Jerry Lane

“When Desiree follows her dream into the unfamiliar she learns that love, trust and belief in herself can all work together. She discovers an inner light all living things share and can then draw on strengths she didn’t know she had. Ms. Faber’s beautiful tale delivers this powerful message with great charm.”

G. W. Rogers, PhD.

“When I first saw the magical, colorful illustrations in Desiree’s Night Flight, I thought: What a gorgeous picture book. But then I started to read the text and found it to be an inspiring hero’s journey. In a butterfly’s point of view, it is a tale of following one’s dream, of overcoming adversity, and ultimately believing in oneself.

I plan to give this wonderful book to a young friend. In addition to providing lessons and inspiration, I find it to be an excellent teaching tool. It provides motivation for learning more about our endangered Monarch butterflies….”

Melinda Haldeman



The Author: Jacquie Faber

Jacquie Faber’s legacy shines brightly through her transformative career spanning thirty-seven years as an elementary school educator in Marin County. For the majority of her illustrious journey, she dedicated herself to nurturing young minds at Wade Thomas School in San Anselmo, where she passionately guided third graders and became an esteemed practitioner of Project Based Learning (P.B.L).

At the forefront of innovative education, Jacquie championed Project Based Learning, an approach that empowers students to take the reins of their learning journey by selecting specific subjects within the curriculum that truly resonate with them. For instance, topics like butterflies would ignite her students’ curiosity. Jacquie not only encouraged them to explore these chosen subjects but also guided them to articulate their findings through writing and creative projects. Collaboratively, she and her students crafted rubrics aligned with California State Curriculum standards, ensuring a rigorous yet personalized assessment process. In recognition of her pioneering work, Jacquie received the esteemed Golden Bell Award in 1999.

Beyond the classroom, Jacquie’s influence extended far and wide. She emerged as a beacon of guidance and wisdom, mentoring educators from diverse school districts in the nuances of Project Based Learning. Her impact didn’t stop at Wade Thomas School; Jacquie’s expertise resonated throughout the Ross Valley School District, where she skillfully led the Gifted Writing Program.

Jacquie’s pedagogical philosophy went beyond textbooks and lesson plans. She instilled in her students a profound life lesson- that mistakes are invaluable stepping stones towards growth and that pursuing one’s passions leads to a fulfilled life. Armed with a teaching certificate from San Francisco State and a 1965 graduation with a Lifetime Credential in Elementary Education, Jacquie Faber’s teachings have left an indelible mark on countless lives, a legacy that continues to inspire educators and learners alike.